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The Litterbox Report

CYA directors and members are discouraged because the BC SPCA routinely fails to respond adequately to reasonable complaints against it. In fact, sometimes the SPCA refuses to respond to complaints at all. The public, donors, volunteers and staff deserve meaningful discussion with the SPCA when issues arise. All institutional bureaucracies know that a single letter represents the same viewpoint many times over in the general population. Those who take time to put thoughts to paper expect at least a response and many expect action to follow. It's a reasonable expectation to have of a charity organization, particularly one that has professional community relations staff and a variety of consultants at head office.

CYA has wondered where all of these resolved complaints and unanswered letters go, so it has decided to find out and report those findings on this site. Therefore, we are calling for copies from your files. If you have retained letters you've written to the SPCA that have gone unattended in the past, please forward them to us. You can also write directly to us with records of other contacts you have made that have left your issues unresolved. We will collate the material and issue a report card about the issues, trends and findings from within it. If your complaint or attempt at making contact with the SPCA landed in the litterbox, scoop it out of there and deposit it with CYA. We will get back to you, whether or not your check is in the mail.

CYA has received a number of complaints that site visitors have previously sent to the BCSPCA.

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