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The Pet Gallery

So far, we are only featuring our esteemed board and contributors with their pets but we welcome any of our members to submit a photo to be placed on our gallery pages. This is just one of the benefits of membership to CYA.

To become a member, click here or send an email with your information and we will respond immediately with instructions on how to submit your photo.

This page may take a little while to load so please be patient, it is worth the wait!

Thank you and enjoy our gallery.

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My Merlin

Maria Soroski's Pet Philosophy
"The smallest feline is a masterpiece"
Leonardo Da Vinci.

Layla: I adopted Layla when she was one year old. She is now 10 and 1/2. Layla is a survivor of breast cancer 5 years ago. Layla loves it when we foster newborn kittens. She treats them as her own and licks them clean. She adores the kittys Merlin and Stanley.. I have come to believe my kittys think they are dogs.

Merlin was brought to the SPCA hospital at age 3 weeks.He was abandoned in a Burnaby back yard. Crying for his Mom, cold, wet, hungry and covered with fleas. I fostered him and bottle fed him. He hated the world from the start and was very traumatized from being abandoned. He bit and scratched me for months and could not be handled, even though he had been showen patience and love. Months later with the help of homeopathy and behavior modification, he turned around Now Merlin is a loving gentle boy and a loving brother to Stanley..

My Stanley

Stanley was brought to the SPCA hospital with his Mom and 3 siblings. They were found abandoned in the streets and in poor health. Soon they all showed signs of distemper. With the help of homeopathy from a vet at the SPCA, Stanley, his brother and his Mom survived. Stanley was born with a spinal condition and could not walk at all at first. He crawled by clawing his way. No one was at all interested in adopting a crippled kitten, so I took him in and adopted him. Stanley, with the help of homeopathy, now walks albiet wobbley but he manages just fine. He is sweet and gentle and deserves a badge of courage.

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The Rose Bush Kittens

Three kittens that were found underneath a rose bush on Mother's Day. They are being bottled fed and lovingly Mummied by Maria.

Maria's Baby Kitten

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Brigitta MacMillan's Pet Philosophy

I grew up believing that pets were possessions, but I’m part of a growing, global recognition that animals are ‘other nations’ or fellow travellers in this world. I’ve come to see my pets as family members with all the rights of family members. Our relationship is until death do us part. It’s ‘in sickness and in health’ and ‘for richer or poorer’. Their lives are as precious as any human life and their personalities are as unique as any human’s – in that they’re my equals. But they’re more like children in that they need me. I made a commitment to these guys that I’ll always look after them and I always will, no matter how many curtains they shred or how many nasty little surprises I may stumble across on the rug in the dark. They’re my friends and my life is so much better for knowing them.

A Day in the Life of Theodore MacMillan

After breakfast, sit in the sink.

Mid-morning, play with anything that's not a toy.

Lunchtime, knock your crunchies bowl across the floor and jump on the counter to try some cookies (but be sure you're gone before anyone comes back).

Mid-afternoon, answer the call of your wild ancesters: hunt and kill a roll of toilet paper.

After work - help fix the computer.

Computer's fixed.
Time for a well-earned rest.

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Kimberly Daum's Heart Print

Animals are awesome. Before I could drive, the family horse was friendlier transportation around the acreage and between farms than was my bike. The dogs I've loved throughout my life have all kept me in touch with nature and taught me something meaningful about myself. I've grown with and because of them. Every animal with which I've had a relationship has left a heart-print in my life. Little Trudi-the-Cutie is my heart-print of the past three years; she's my baby and so I sent her baby picture. Trudi is still a rubbery puppy in so many ways though she's grown into a terrific watchdog, trusted companion and true friend. I adore her. I rely on her. And she relies on me. With animals it seems that is exactly what the experience is meant to be.


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WebMistress's s Pet Philosophy

I think of my pets as my children and they have gotten me through some of the toughest momemts in my life. We all need a little unconditional love every once in awhile to remind us that we aren't so bad after all. I know I will be one of those women you see with 100 cats, wandering around feeding all the strays in the neighbourhood. I have always had this very strong affinity with animals and, although I hate to admit it, sometimes stronger than I feel with humans at times.

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Leanna's Brood

BooBoo Kitty and Miss Mew as kittens.
Sadly Miss Mew is no longer with me but
she was one of the most gorgeously
coloured cats I had ever seen

BooBoo Kitty doing her Robert DeNiro impression"Are you lookin' at me?"

BooBoo Kitty _ Miss Mew
Looking cute

Training BooBoo Kitty to use the litter box. I have 5 separate litter boxes on my balcony. One for each kitty. Cat's are very fussy ya know!

Kashia _ Miss Mew finally getting along

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Lil' Boy reflecting on his pampered life. L'il Boy is now 14 years old and is a diabetic kitty. Diabetes is very manageable in dogs and cats once diagnosed.

Lucy, who is also no longer with me, was a very favourite cat of mine. She was the most loving and vocal cat I ever had. She was utterly devoted to tripping me every chance she got. I got BooBoo Kitty shortly after Lucy died and I swear BooBoo has reincarnated Lucy in her. But of course that could just be my wishful thinking. :(

Miss Mew miffed that I woke her up

Miss Mew stretchin'

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Just a very cute picture I had on my drive, not my pets.

Just another very cute picture of a Mommy cat

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Tim Wittenberg _ Mischief

Tim Wittenberg _ Mischief

Tim Wittenberg's Pet Philosophy

I just got these pictures of my girl Mischief and I. Mischief was brought down to the stable next to the P.R.D.A., where I work for training on Mon.23rd.

What a great Christmas present!

I have'nt seen her for more than a year. Mischief is an "Old Stock' Morgan and it shows in her neck. Mischief will be coming for training on a regular basis,so I'll be able to see her progress.



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