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What a Stud!
Radio Flyers!
Wakey, wakey!
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Free at last!
Look deep into my eyes!
Just Hanging
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ET phone home!
Ride off into the sunset?
Take me with you ..please?
Where's the remote?
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Kibbles _ Bits...kibbles and bits..I'm gonna get me  some...
Wanna curl up by the fire?
Bareback anyone?
You are adorable!
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Sure I heard ya!
Freedom Reigns!
Told ya I could get it myself!
What a Stallion!
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Home is with me.
I have you right where I want you!
Dont fight the feeling!
Please, be gentle with me
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You're mine baby..I am coming for ya!
Just feeling lazy
I am definetly cute!
Say what?
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Oh Gawd, do you have to do this to me!
Take a picture why don;t ya?
This is the life!
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