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Below are our submissions so far to The CYABC "My Adopted Pet" Photo Challenge
(AKA My Pet/Photo Is Cuter/Funnier Than Yours Contest)

Remember it's YOU who decides who the winner is!

To vote for your favourite photo, select the radio button underneath the photo you want to vote
for and click SUBMIT and that's it!

As you can see some people have chosen to submit just general funny photos they have found around the net, this is fine as well. I have not put the submittees names on the photos to keep things fair, but it it will be obvious who some of the photos are from.

So if you have a funny image one your computer somewhere just upload directly from your hard drive by selecting the BROWSE buttons above and I will add yours to the collection below.

Vote for Not My Mom

Not Mom has 7 votes

Vote for EEK! Giant Kitty

Giant Kitty has 5 votes
Vote for Redneck Doggy Teeth

Redneck has 3 votes

Vote for Fast Asleep

Asleep has 4 votes
Vote for Great Hiding Spot

Hiding has 7 votes

Vote for Furball

Furball has 6 votes
I am Canadian EH!
Cats are not Recycleable!
Vote for I Am Canadian Eh!

Canadian Eh has 11 votes
Vote for Cats are Not Recyleable

Recycle has 10 votes

Vote for Poochini

Poochini has 2 votes

Kitchen Helper
Mickey D's Kitty
Vote for Kitchen Helper  

Kitchen Helper has 9 votes

Vote for Mickey D's Cat  

Mickey Ds has 12 votes
Pumpkin Helper
Vote for Pumpkin Helper    

Pumpkin Helper has 11 votes
Vote for Smidgen

Smidgen has 10 votes

Charlie Chicken Leg
Vote for Theodore    

Theodore has 18 Votes

Vote for Charlie Chicken Leg  

Charlie has 11 Votes
Vote for Fawnzie    

Fawnzie has 13 votes

Vote for Layla _ Babies    

Layla has 11 votes
Barbell Kitties
Kitty Blue
Vote for Kitty Barbells    

Kitty Barbells has 8 votes

Vote for Kitty Blue  

Kitty Blue has 11 votes
Puppy Love
Vote for Rambo Kitty    

Rambo has 9 votes
Vote for Puppy Love    

Puppy Love has 7 Votes

Who Farted?
Big Fat Lazy Boy
Vote for Laughing Kitties      

Laughing Kitty has 8 votes

Vote for Fat _ Lazy Boy    

Lazy boy has 6 votes
k-K -Kenny Spying
Chopper _ Fawnzie
Vote for "Verrry Interesting" Kenny  

Kenny has 13 votes
Vote for Chopper _ Fawnzie   

Chopper/Fawnzie has 13 votes

Sarah Upside Down
Vote for Sarah 1  

Sarah 1 has 8 votes
Vote for Sarah 2  

Sarah 2 has 9 votes


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