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CYA invites all visitors to participate by answering any one or all of the questionnaires links listed below.

We have also provided a Quickie Questionnaire below if you do not have time at the moment to fill out the more involved forms.

If by chance you cannot fill out a form, or your browser does not support forms, there are links below to download each questionnaire in RICH TEXT FORMAT, which means any word processor can read the document.

You can then fill it out and send it via email to cyawebsite@shaw.ca

Once the results are in, CYA will report the findings from the questionnaires on this page.

Thank you for participating, and of course, your views can always be sent directly to CYA via email or you can join in the conversations on the message board.


Please take the time to fill out this quickie Questionnaire.

1. I am satisfied with the job done by the SPCA to date.


2. The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for overseeing
the Prevention ofCruelty to Animals Act. They should be
monitoring the BCSPCA more closely.


3. There should be an Ombudsman's Office to receive any
complaints about the BCSPCA and to monitor its activities.


4. How would you prioritize these categories for funding? Rate all
Rate with "1" being most important, "6" being least important..

a) Shelter care for strays
b) Medical care for strays
c) Pet Overpopulation
d) Education
e) Advocacy
f) PCA Act Enforcement

5. The SPCA has made all information about its financial and operational
practices readily available to the public and is sufficiently transparent.


6. Rate the following as priorities for the Vancouver hospital. Rate all.
Rate with "1" being most important, "3" being least important..

a) Spay/neuter of all shelter animals
b) Treatment of all sick and injured Lower Mainland strays
c) Treatment of low means clients' pets with subsidized medical care

7. The Vancouver hospital should be:

a) Low cost spay/neuter and vaccination clinic only
b) An emergency clinic that is open 24 hours a day
c) Closed

8. Who should be authorized to recommend the euthanasia of an SPCA stray
animal for compassionate reasons?

a) SPCA staff (non-veterinary)
b) A veterinarian only



Note: All results and information gathered are kept completely confidential.
Your email will not be revealed to anyone other than our site statistician.
Results are compiled for statistical usage only. Please review our
Privacy Policy
and if you feel we are not abiding by this policy, please
contact our administrator and your concerns will be addressed immediately.

Also, if you have the time and are interested in these very important issues,
there are more detailed questionnaires available here for you to fill out.

Thank you for your time.

To fill out the more detailed questionnaires online please select from list below or to download or print questionnaires in RTF (rich text format) please select from list below:

Our Privacy Policy

Safeguarding your privacy is our number one mission. Our CYA Privacy Promise is your assurance that we will do just that. We will NEVER release your personal information to any other party. If you decide to submit your questionnaires either online or via email we will not share/rent or sell your information to anyone.The information gathered here is for CYA's Membership purposes only and the data we gather, via the questionnaires, will only be used for general statistics.


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