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Ombudsman Research

The Ombudsman for Humanitarian Assistance:
An interagency initiative to establish a Humanitarian Ombudsman.

"The 'Ombudsman project' emerged out of the debate on accountability in humanitarianassistance. Of particular concern was the fact that few existing structures encourage humanitarian agencies to be accountable to their clients, the
beneficiaries or claimants of humanitarian assistance. "Vision …an impartial and independent voice. Role..to provide a
mechanism by which the concerns of people…can be raised and addressed within the humanitarian community."
C/o British Red Cross Society.

Alberta Association of Animal Health Technologists

"We provide an Ombudsman: if you are experiencing problems with your employer or with other AHTs or have questions
about ethics and the law, the AAAHT Ombudsman is here to help you. She can either answer your questions or help you find the right person to talk to." http://www.aaaht.com/

Government of British Columbia Ombudsman:

Charity Accountability Programs:

Alberta Government Services: Charities, Coops,
Non-profit Companies, Fund-raising Businesses _ Societies.


How to File a Consumer Complaint http://www3.gov.ab.ca/gs/services/consumer/

Acts and Regulations
Charitable Fund-raising Act c.C-9

Sets standards for charitable organizations and professional fund-raisers when soliciting contributions and helps protect the public from fraudulent, misleading or confusing solicitations.

Charitable Fund-raising Regulation - AR 108/2000

Consumer Tips Information for Charities Donors -
The Charitable Fund-raising Act

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Southern Alberta
is the leader among Canadian bureaus in operating a Charity Review Program in which charities are measured against 14 voluntary standards in a province where there are more than 1,000 registered charities. And the BBB's Dispute Settlement Centre has a well-trained staff and corps of mediators and arbitrators who provide consumers and businesses an alternative to the courts. http://www.southernalbertabbb.ab.ca/

The Charity Review Program for BBB Southern Alberta

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency - Charities Division
Registered Charities and the Income Tax Act

(613) 954-0410 or toll free 1-877 202 5111
BCSPCA Head Office Charitable tax number:11881 9036 RR0001
Vancouver Regional Branch Charitable tax number: 11881 9036 RR0019

Charity Watch

The Charity Commission: The organization responsible
for overseeing charities in England and Wales.

Complaints about the Charity Commission itself (England and Wales) can be made either to the Independent Complaints Reviewer http://www.icrev.demon.co.uk/icrbook.htm or the Parliamentary Ombudsman www.ombudsman.org.uk. The intention is that the Independent Complaints Reviewer, who also deals with complaints about the Land Registry, the Public Records Office and the Housing Corporation, will deal with most complaints. But a complainant can go directly to the Parliamentary Ombudsman and is not required to put his/her complaint to the Independent Complaints Reviewer first.

With regard to the regulation of charities in the Republic of Ireland, you may be interested
checking out http://www.tvindalert.org.uk/charity
Among other things, it says, "Despite Government pledges, there is still no sign of legislation to regulate charities in Ireland."


Building on Strength: Improving Governance
and Accountability in Canada's Voluntary Sector:

The final report of the Panel on Accountability and Governance in the
Voluntary Sector, chaired by Ed Broadbent. Includes 41 recommendations
on improving accountability and strengthening the capacity of the voluntary
sector, as well as a good practice guide effective stewardship
(Final Report February 1999).

The maturing of the charitable sector by Sherry Ferronato
(March 3, 1999)
Practicing accountability takes time, resources, and a lot of thought.
Here's how some in the sector view the issue.

Fair First: An OmbudsAudit of the WCB Ombudsman
Gives a comparison of the two most common ombudsman models:

1. Classical usually used within government, and

2. Executive usually used in private companies.
Click here and here

The Muttart Foundation: 'Talking about Charities:
Canadians' Opinions of Charities and Issues Affecting

Public Opinion Survey Results Released October 3, 2000
This study was prepared by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, and surveyed the opinions of almost
3,900 Canadians. The full report (85 pages) is available for download, or you may choose to download only the
Executive Summary (12 pages). http://www.muttart.org/

"What's It Worth?" by KPMG December 1998
Alberta and Saskatchewan (148 pages).

Salary Survey - The Foundation released a study of compensation paid to some senior people within the
charitable sector in Alberta and Saskatchewan. The study examined salaries and benefits paid to executive
directors/chief staff officers, managers one level below the senior staff person, and volunteer coordinators.

Related Links:

The Canadian Centre for Philanthropy

The Better Business Bureau of Mainland BC: It is one of nearly 180 Better Business Bureaus across theU.S. and Canada. We are a private, nonprofit, self-regulatory organization, dedicated to promoting fairness and honesty in the marketplace.

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance http://www.give.org/ is affiliated
with the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus
(CCBBB) and the Better Business Bureau system)


The links below have information about how a well functioning society runs and about the roles of board members and directors. Interested parties can compare these models with the BCSPCA management structure.


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